Industry Leading Luxury Weddings and Events Planning

LADEE Designs in a team of wedding planners whose calling is to organize anything from house warming parties to luxury weddings and events. Even for the most discerning clientele from different parts of the world, our services are second to none, never falling short of expected specialness and expertise. Tailoring every aspect of our design to make the grade of clients, we are able to lay in provisions for just about any kind of event, whether it’s an intimate wedding on a serene beach or a talk-of-the-town party.

Whatever your goals are, we will mean the difference between a productive, well-managed event and a usual affair put together by overworked staff. On the back of our understanding of the need for maximum return on investment, we believe in unparalleled customer service, produce every event with flair and ingenuity and make sure you are satisfied. 

Sure, you want your guests to feel comfortable, engaged, and motivated. Maybe you also want them to feel like they have time-machined from their vicinities to an enchanted garden in an entirely different era. There’s a specific otherworldly element you wish to inculcate into your event? You draw the line, and we make it straighter. We let you inspire us, and then do the things that make you marvel at your own ideas. 

Jenan Dakroub wearing blue and holding a bouquet of white roses on a dark navy sofa
Jenan Dakroub standing by the brides hanging dress while working on a colorful flower arrangement of whites and pink blooms

Making Your Vision Into Reality

Whether you are in search of a dream dress, in need of good-looking floral centerpieces or want a finely decorated wedding cake, we are here to help you make your imagination become a reality. Thanks to the advent and proliferation of social media, it is very easy for people to get overwhelmed by the stockpile of options available on the internet. 

Rather than ranking your preference over a host of items or ultimately choosing an item you will end up throwing away, why not let us help you stick to your style? It our mandate to make your event as fantastic as possible, tailoring every detail to match your taste and personality. From baby steps to giant leaps, we make your dreams for that big day come true through design, entertainment, and fun.