The Flawless Innovations

LADEE Designs Corporate Planning service combines creativity with flawless execution for your dinner or conference. We develop a detailed plan to highlight your brand identity and reflect your corporate goals and culture. Working on a timeline, we manage all aspects of attendance, from registration to speaker coordination. Through cocktail parties, creative menus, novel entertainment, lighting and graphics, we keep your attendees at the seminars, networking and socializing.

Corporate gold and black themed party with lots of white balloons, feather and white roses on guest tables
Corporate Christmas party dessert table with donuts, candies, sweets and white flower bouquet

Our Winning Formula

Behind the theater and magic of your corporate event, we are all business. No matter what your corporate occasion, we know that every single detail reflects your brand. And every single detail must be perfect. We take your event to a level beyond corporate, to engagement on a personal level that each guest can intimately feel.

Our past, present and future experience will always be based on our winning formula … SERVICE. Our Company is dedicated to bringing itself as one of the most customer service orientated firms in the industry.

WOW Your Guests

We are at your service to execute your Corporate event, from simple luncheons to large black-tie galas. We bring sharpness, luxury, and flair to any corporate event to wow your guests and colleagues with an unforgettable event.

Gold, brown and white dinner table with white bouquet of roses and gold plate chargers
Luxury guest table set up with white centerpieces on the table in front of a wall of all white flowers at a wedding

Defining Success

A corporate event doesn’t have to be large to be ‘big’. It doesn’t have to be extravagant to be ‘rich’ and it doesn’t have to be over the top to ‘raise the roof’. Neither number of guests nor the price-point of an event define its success. Real greatness comes in the significance of the event to the event hosts, in the value it represents and the memories it creates. 

Identity Recognition

An organization has an identity, a story, a purpose. Your corporate event should invoke that, succinctly and powerfully. Whether you have a few hundred guests or a few thousand, they should all understand who you are, your place in the world and their place in yours.

Corporate event with pink lighting at a lounge